You are a mother now.

You’re a mother now.
The number of things you are afraid of has been multiplied to a hundred.
You get practical exams for patience almost every everyday. And you learn to summon courage and understanding now more than you’ve ever done in your entire life.
You utter a silent prayer almost every single minute, especially when you see the thermometer hits the 38 degrees Celsius mark. You recognize a sleepless night even before it begins.
Hugs and kisses with no reasons are your consolation for all the TV series you’ve missed watching, books you’ve missed reading, parties you’ve missed attending, and clothes you’ve missed buying. And somehow, you don’t understand why, but somehow, those are enough.
Children will grow up and leave. But you will always be mother. That cannot change. But you also know too darn well that you’ll never be the same.
There are times when you hate being needed all the time. Yet most of the time, you love being needed all the time.
You marvel at oddity of your new calling. More so at the number of times your heart skips a beat or when your pulse races like crazy.
You recognize all these but you are not complaining, nor regretting – NO. Definitely not regretting. This is one of the best, if not the best thing that ever happened to you. You know that much.
Mother. The title scares, amazes, and makes you proud all at the same time.

Healthy Recipes: Tomato Malunggay Pasta

My son loves pasta. But just like other kids, he seems to love plain pasta more than those with actual pasta sauces. This didn’t puzzle me so much as I know kids love bland taste. Anyhow, when I started my BLW (Baby Led Weaning) journey, I tried looking into food options which are healthier for my kiddo. And this is one of the recipes I sort of invented.


The basic idea is to use raw ingredients instead of commercially bought ones. So instead of a ready made pasta sauce, I used fresh tomatoes. I wanted my baby to love the taste of malunggay, a green leafy vegetable (commonly known as moringa, drumstick tree, horseradish tree, ben oil tree, or benzoil tree, according to Mr. Wikipedia) since it has high nutritional value. I already used this in one of the green smoothie recipe I posted before.

Here’s the complete list of ingredients and instructions. Enjoy!

-Pasta (I used spirals to make it more fun)
-3 tomatoes
-A handful of malunggay
-Pepper to taste (I used to omit salt when my son started eating solids, but you can add salt if you want)


  1. Slice the onions and garlic, then set aside
  2. Boil the tomatoes, pasta, and malunggay altogether (Busy mom, must save time). Another option is to exclude the malunggay and blend it raw later. I think this is healthier.
  3. Once pasta is cooked, set it aside and then take the tomatoes and malunggay
  4. Blend the tomatoes and malunggay. If you don’t have a blender, you can try using fork or mortar and pestle (I never tried it, but the idea is to get your tomatoes and malunggay combined with a consistency of a sauce)
  5. Heat the pan, add oil
  6. Sauté onions and garlic then add blended malunggay and tomatoes
  7. Season to taste
  8. Pour the sauce over the cooked pasta then top with lots and lots of cheese
  9. Optional: Serve with toasted or garlic bread

I cooked this when my son was about a 1 year old. He finished all of the serving! Personally, I didn’t like the taste so much, but as long as the kid enjoys it, I am one happy mom. 🙂

Review: Human Heart Nature Natural Baby Wash

This is really long overdue (My baby is already a toddler!), but hey, I believe that when you’re sharing a good news, it s never too late. 🙂

This is my first ever product review. And I know it’s a bit biased but I am leaning towards featuring only the products which I like. I am not interested in mentioning or bad mouthing products which I don’t like and I just really want to spread good news so that means when you find it here, I liked it. Simple.

But I’ll let you know the reasons why I liked  the products I will feature (otherwise it won’t be a review). And let me start with this  heaven-sent baby essential from Human Heart Nature (A brand I really really love!): The Human Heart Nature Natural Baby Wash!


Photo taken from HHN website

Here’s the product description from the website:

99.3% Natural | Hypoallergenic

Because baby’s skin is ten times more sensitive than an adult’s, they need the mildest and safest care possible. Our Natural Baby Wash is 100% harmful chemical-free to give you that peace of mind that only the good touches your baby skin.

Using our Natural Baby Wash cleanses and soothes your baby’s skin and hair with natural ingredients like lavender, rosemary, and chamomile extracts. It’s dermatologist-tested so it’s gentle enough to use even on a newborn’s delicate skin.

Our natural formulations incorporate an Eco-Cert certified all natural baby fragrance that is 100% free from phthalates!

How cool is that? Now here’s my review:

Packaging: It comes in 50mL, 190mL and 490mL bottles. The first one is more of like a sampler and the last two come in pump bottles. This is really convenient when bathing a baby, especially when you are holding a newborn in one hand and you can only use the other hand to bathe your angel (you know the struggle, I’m sure!). The design is also pretty simple, white bottles with mostly green prints. If you love minimalism, this one will catch your eye.

Price: The 490mL bottle which I often buy is priced at Php 299.75. It’s a steal compared to other hypoallergenic baby washes out there. Good thing about HHN is they offer discounts when you sign up as a distributor. Last I’ve heard, you just need to maintain a certain amount of purchases to keep the discount. It wasn’t that hard for us back then since we are loyal users of their wonderful products.

My baby used to use Lactacyd baby wash and the price was one of the reasons why I searched for a different brand, not to mention the chemicals. Which brings me to my next point.

Formulation: It’s from Human Heart Nature, the local brand everybody loves because they are dedicated to providing healthier, safer options for Filipinos, without breaking the bank. This Natural Baby Wash is no exception. Although it’s only 99.93% natural, it claims to be 100% free from harmful chemicals, and it’s dermatologist tested. It is also enriched with natural ingredients like lavander, chamomile, and rosemary extracts, all lovingly combined to give your baby’s skin only the best care it deserves. Now tell me that doesn’t sound like music to every mother’s ears? 🙂

Smell: The HHN natural baby wash has a powdery scent which I did not like at the onset. But after several use, I found that my baby’s hair continued to smell fresh all day, pawis and all. And who wouldn’t love that? (Believe me, you won’t stop smelling those tiny little heads!)

Effect on baby: It did not cause any allergies, and it stayed true to its promise of giving my baby only the mildest and safest care. My son’s skin is really sensitive (he has allergic reaction to dust) so it is highly important for me to find a baby wash that wouldn’t harm his skin. Luckily, I came across this one.

So next time you think of switching to a different baby wash, or if you still haven’t decided on what to use, don’t forget to try this one out. HHN products are available in different retails stores and through their independent distributors all over the country (maybe one of your friends!) and also on their website. You can read various reviews of their products, ordering is super simple, and their service is impeccable.

Hope this review helped. Don’t hesitate to send me a message should you have any queries. I am more than happy to help. 🙂

PS. I wasn’t paid to write this. I am really just a fan. Haha!






Mommy’s Monday Musings: How Do You Avoid Hating Others?

In a world where being better than others seems to be more popular than being better than old self, it is sometimes easy to hate, despise, judge. envy, or think ill of others. How do you avoid this? How do you stop yourself when you start to have unkind feelings towards another human being?

Here’s a short video with a profound message I know we can all use. 🙂

Happy Monday!


Healthy Recipes: Homemade Squash and Potato fries



1 Egg
Garlic powder
A bit of salt
Vegetable oil for frying


1. After washing, slice squash and potatoes then steam for about 15 minutes or until cooked (Tip: Not too soft, just enough for a fork to poke)

2. Drain squash and potato slices. Then add desired seasoning. I chose to add garlic powder and a bit of salt (you can omit this and use pepper instead).

3. For squash, coat it with egg then breadcrumbs. Potatoes are best left bare. (I think ^__^)

4. Deep fry in vegetable oil. Drain excess oil. Cool, then serve.
My son doesn’t like dips but you can make your own dips if you want. But I’m sure kids will enjoy more if you let them eat on their own. Mine finished this on his own, one bite after another. And then he asked for another snack about 2 hours later. Haha!

Healthy Recipes: Banana Malunggay Calamansi Shake



Malunggay leaves (as much as you want)
Banana (2 medium sized)
Calamansi (8-10 fruits)
Honey or Sugar (as much as you want)
Ice (4-5 cubes)


1. Peel and chill bananas

2. Juice all calamansi

3. Blend the sliced chilled bananas and malunggay leaves. When done, add calamansi juice and honey/sugar, then blend some more

4. Add ice cubes then blend until ice cubes are thoroughly crushed.

All done! Easy, delicious and healthy! No reason not to try 😉

Special thanks to Kiara for the tip! ❤ The baby loved it! (Finished a whole glass the first time he tasted it)


Healthy Recipes: Camote tops and Calamansi Cooler




A handful of Camote tops (o para mas madali at wala nang sukat sukat, isang tali ng talbos ng kamote galing sa palengke ^__^)

About 2 glasses of water

5-8 Calamansi fruit




1. Boil Camote tops in water

2. Pour and strain boiled water in a glass

3. Juice all  the Calamansi

4. Mix camote tops water and Calamansi juice together (Watch the color change from dark, almost black liquid to a beautiful maroon/wine red color. It almost feels like a Science experiment! Super fun!)

5. Add honey or sugar to sweeten according to desired taste (Tip: Less sugar for babies and kids. Warning: No honey for babies below 1 year old)

6. Stir, add ice, then serve! (Makes about 2 glasses)


It’s amazingly easy to prepare and it’s loaded with vitamins. Your kids will surely love the tangy flavor and the bright color! I know my boy does.


What alternative ingredients can you think of for a healthy concontion? Share please! 🙂


Don’t forget to have fun today! ^__^