Home-Making Project: Cloth Covered Hangers

My closet is DISASTROUS, to say the least. Please tell me yours is too. There you go! You’re such a good friend, thank you (xoxo)

Now in my attempt to organize it (and our home, and lives, later on. Haha!), I decided to get rid of some of my clothes and a lot of other house clutter we have.

But, I stumbled upon a tiny problem. I had no nice hangers to hang them on so I can take good photos and sell them in an online garage sale. So I thought I’d buy make one. Good thing I remembered stumbling upon this post before.

I was so giddy when I finished! It took me roughly 15 minutes to finish each hanger. This would make a nice DIY gift idea too! I’ve posted a step by step photo plus the final output below.

So what’s gonna stop you from trying this one out and converting one (or more!) of your ugly plastic hangers into a pure eye candy? 😉


What you need:

-plastic hanger

-1 to 1 1/2 inch wide fabric (mine is a scrap from my wedding!). The length depends on how huge your hanger is. Don’t worry if you run out of fabric since you can just extend it by cutting out another one)




hang 2


A Letter To My Child

We know that in life the roads aren’t made of gold,
That people cry and people die, and memories grow old.
If in a mess you get caught up and feel you’re in a trance,
Stop and pray then read this letter once you get the chance:

My dearest child, remember that you are loved
By your parents on earth and your Father above
Your life is precious, your roots are divine.
When tested, be patient, perfection takes time.

Sometimes the world would mock what’s right
And one must choose between fight or flight.
In such a time child, firmly hold your ground.
Fear will wither where faith abounds.

Sometimes your plate might seem awfully full
And you’ll even wonder why you have to go to school.
In such a time child, think of what really matters
A few things are treasures in the grandest ever after.

Sometimes the righteous, they suffer even more
And you’ll see good people dragged further to the floor.
When it seems like for evil the stars are all aligned
Remember that for this, justice He designed.

Sometimes you’ll get hurt and sorrow you’ll find.
You might even lose hope and faith in mankind.
But think of how once He atoned for your sins,
And learn what great joy forgiveness can bring.

Sometimes in love, you think He’s unfair
That He answers others yet ignores your prayers.
When in waiting it seems your life’s mostly spent
Just think that it would all make sense in the end.

My dearest child, remember that you are loved
By your parents on earth and your Father above
Your life is precious, your roots are divine.
When tested, be patient, perfection takes time.

Project for Baby: Discovery Bottle


My son has been very fond of weird and cheap toys lately – spoons, boxes, dvd cases, tissue wrappers, and many others.

So I thought I might as well take advantage of this by creating an interesting toy out of practically nothing. And then this morning came the birth of the discovery bottle.

It took me less than 10 minutes to do this, despite the boy’s constant grabbing of everything I am holding (you can even see his small hand’s shadow in one of the pictures). >_< He couldn’t wait to get his hands on it.

Try it for your little one too!

What you need:

An empty plastic bottle (Tip: Choose a thick one so it can withstand throws and falls, you know, kids love throwing anything.)

Lots and lots of colorful items – Beads, Buttons, Coins, Glitters, etc. Whatever clutter you want to get rid of that can fit in the bottle. (Mine is a bit empty, ugh, I will fix that later.)



1. Clean the bottle, make sure it is spill-proof.

2. Put the thingies inside.

3. Add water, but don’t fill it to the rim since those little hands might find it too heavy to hold.

And… you’re done! Change it any day. Put anything inside. Make as many as you can. Go creative and crazy!

Healthy Recipes: Banana-Egg Pancake



1 large sized or 2 small sized banana (I used Lakatan)

1 large egg

olive/sesame oil or butter



1. Mash banana/s

2. Beat the egg

3. Mix banana and egg together

4. Heat the pan and brush with oil/melted butter (Tip: Very very low fire since banana has sugar and burns easily)

5. Pour around 2-3 tablespoons of banana-egg mixture (The mixture can make around 3 small pancakes

6. Wait for it to dry up/form bubbles or for the other side to turn slightly brown.

7. Turn over to cook the other side of the pancake. (Tip: Use non stick pan and be really careful in turning it over)

8. Let it cool, slice it up, serve, and let your kids enjoy!

Ten Things I Will Tell My Pre-pregnant Self

We all have that “I wish I knew this earlier” moments in life. When that happens to me, I don’t get sad. Instead of mulling over how things might have been better for me had I known something earlier, I start thinking of how my realizations could probably help others who may be travelling or may travel the same path.

Below are the things pregnancy taught me which I wish I knew and I wish to share to pregnant moms, and to those planning to conceive. If someone somewhere finds at least an item that could help them, that means my purpose won’t be for naught. That would make me thrilled. So please, read on and share away!

1. Your wardrobe will change.If you decide to buy, invest on breastfeeding-friendly maternity clothes so you can use those even after postpartum. Three things that dominated my whole maternity closet were: tube tops and dresses, garterized skirts and leggings, and long blouses or loose shirts (Tips: Raid the husband’s closet! Also, if you want cheap but good quality breastfeeding friendly dresses and tops, try Tiny Tots. Find more breastfeeding related tips on this post.)

2. Your body will change – A lot. Learn to accept that fact now. Changes will happen from top to toe. And it’s not all pretty I tell you. I had acne in my first trimester. My OB GYN told me that the increase of hormones may lead to these changes. They’re also the reason for your morning/afternoon/evening sickness.


Because you will have to support the development of a new life inside you, gaining weight is inevitable. But there is an advisable weight gain depending on your pre-pregnancy weight. Be sure to consult your OB. The rest of your body will grow too. Your breast will prepare to produce milk, your hips will expand (I’m thankful for this one! haha!) and you’re legs and feet may appear bloated. Most, if not all of  these changes happen to help your baby develop. So hang in there 🙂 I found this infographic helpful.

3. Your mood will change – A lot too. It helps to have an understanding husband who’s willing to be shouted at, cried on, etc. at wee hours of the night. I mostly did the crying (like all the time, and for no valid reason at all! >_<) And yes, your hormones are the culprit. Try not to be too sad all the time because it may affect your baby. Shake  the mood swing off by indulging on activities that make you feel happy or relaxed. I love listening to the noise maid by rain (white noise) so the app rainy mood helped me at work many times. Having a conversation with my husband also helped heaps. And of course, try the all time favorite mood lifter – food!


4. And speaking of food, your diet will change. You have to take a lot of folic acid in the first trimester and to eat really healthy food all throughout. If you’re a sweet tooth like me, you have to come to terms with saying goodbye to too much sweets for a period of time unless you want to have gestational diabetes or you want your unborn child to be really heavy, in which case your delivery would be more difficult. When I was pregnant, I tried these green smoothie recipes and adjusted according to what’s available in the market and in our fridge.

5. Your self-esteem may change. But that depends on how at peace you are with your bulging belly and how often your husband tells you you’re beautiful. 🙂

6. Your sleeping pattern and sleeping quality will change. Stack up on pillows. If you have 5 on the bed, leave 1 for the husband and take all the 4 for yourself. A good sleep will be rare in your last trimester. Treasure sleep. The husband got me a nice pillow from this store as a birthday gift. It was such a relief and it’s still useful in breastfeeding doing the side lying position. 🙂 For tips on sleeping position too help you sleep well when you’re pregnant, try watching this video.


7. Your mobility and flexibility will change a lot. When I was nearing the end of my second trimester, I noticed I’m always out of breath when I reach my work station.  I then realized I was walking really fast all the time after I get off the taxi, as if I’m not pregnant. When you’re pregnant, you can do less but you get tired more. Listen to your body. When you’re having a hard time doing something, say, strapping your sandals or picking something up, call for help.

Also, you may need your husband’s help to take a decent shower. You won’t be able to reach, much less clean most parts of your body. You may need a stool in the shower to make things easier.

8. Speaking of sandals, your shoe size may change. From a 5, mine went a size up. I thought my feet was going to be size 5 forever, so generally this was a good change for me. Haha! But the downside is, I won’t be able to wear my wedding shoes ever again.

9. The way society treats you will change. You will be a priority in almost everything – taxi lines, cr lines, elevator, grocery lines, and many more. It’s one of the perks of being pregnant, and I’ll bet you’ll miss it. I do. 🙂

10. You need to go the extra mile to be better prepared for all the changes. For me, it’s making better preparations for a successful breastfeeding that I failed to make. But since I am still breastfeeding my 1 year old son, I can say I also learned, albeit the hard way. If you want to know my breastfeeding story and what helped me succeed, feel free to read my next post. 🙂

Motherhood is divine and pregnancy is a miracle. If you view it that way, all the struggles will be easier to bear. On the most difficult days, pray and then imagine finally holding that precious baby in your arms. I promise it will all be worth it.