Healthy Recipes: Infused Coconut Water

infused water
So recently I’ve been having a hard time trying to adjust to my new schedule as a work at home mom. There are days when I feel super exhausted.

When I feel down, I’d always crave for chocolate candy or drink. But we all know how unhealthy and fattening those are. (Pero masarap eh!).

I wanted to try to change my go-to stress food/drink. So here’s my first candidate – Infused coconut water.

It’s refreshing, a little sweet, a little citrusy, cool, and healthy! All the good stuff to give you a boost on an especially tiring day. =)

What You’ll Need:
-Coconut water (Sabaw ng buko!) – I didn’t have fresh options as of the moment so I used the one from Tropicana
-Few slices of lemon – Tip: Use the sliced lemons sold at grocery stores (these are the old stocks) since they come in really really cheap prices. We all know lemons are expensive in the Philippines.
-Few slices of cucumber
Optional: Peppermint leaves (1-2)
How To Do It:
Just mix everything together in a glass container, chill, then enjoy! =)
Do you have other healthy beverage recipes? What’s your healthy comfort food/drink? Share them below! ^__^

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