Home-Making Project: Cloth Covered Hangers

My closet is DISASTROUS, to say the least. Please tell me yours is too. There you go! You’re such a good friend, thank you (xoxo)

Now in my attempt to organize it (and our home, and lives, later on. Haha!), I decided to get rid of some of my clothes and a lot of other house clutter we have.

But, I stumbled upon a tiny problem. I had no nice hangers to hang them on so I can take good photos and sell them in an online garage sale. So I thought I’d buy make one. Good thing I remembered stumbling upon this post before.

I was so giddy when I finished! It took me roughly 15 minutes to finish each hanger. This would make a nice DIY gift idea too! I’ve posted a step by step photo plus the final output below.

So what’s gonna stop you from trying this one out and converting one (or more!) of your ugly plastic hangers into a pure eye candy? 😉


What you need:

-plastic hanger

-1 to 1 1/2 inch wide fabric (mine is a scrap from my wedding!). The length depends on how huge your hanger is. Don’t worry if you run out of fabric since you can just extend it by cutting out another one)




hang 2